Custom Steampunk Iron Man Figure

It looks like those awesome action figure modders are at it again.  This time we got Pack Rat Studio‘s Jonathan Kriscak bringing us his take on Steampunk Iron Man.  Apparently in 1910 Victorian gentleman Anthony Stark has built a steel, copper, and brass behemoth powered by steam and fueled by burning coal called Iron Man to bring order to a lawless world.


The figure was made by frankensteining together the chest and upper arms from a NFL Cletus action figure and the arms were taken from a robotic Hulk figure.  The pistons on the arms were from a Transformers toy and there’s a light feature in the chest which gives off a fire effect.  The Steampunk Iron Man figure is currently on sale on ebay at the current bid of $330.  So if you’re big fan of steampunk or Iron Man and have a sizable chunk of change burning in your pocket this maybe your lucky day.




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