The Last Guardian, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus Delayed & Why Ico/SotC Weren’t Good Enough

We have news about the delay of The Last Guardian, Ico, and Shadow of the Colossus, and also why Fumito Ueda, Team Ico creative director, thinks Ico and Shadow of the Colossus weren’t good enough. Here’s what he had to say about the delay of the HD games and The Last Guardian for the PlayStation 3:

I announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show that the release timing of The Last Guardian which is currently being developed would be holiday 2011.

However, to provide more challenging and better quality of content to users and to fulfill First Party Studio’s obligations, I decided to postpone its release timing.

All the members of my production team are working together at a fast pace to develop and release the game in First Party Studio quality.

I sincerely apologize to all the customers who have been waiting for “The Last Guardian” for so long, but I beg for your patience. I will also announce the new release timing at a later time.

Hey, as long as the game is going to be the best, I’m all for the delay. Why settle for something good, when you can be great! So it looks like we’ll be seeing The Last Guardian in 2012 instead.

And from Edge Magazine, Ueda talks about how the originality of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus didn’t hurt the sales of the games, it was because they weren’t good enough.

The fact that Ico and SOTC didn’t sell well is because they weren’t good enough. They didn’t have enough to appeal to users.

Ok, I didn’t get to play Ico yet, but don’t say that about Shadow of the Colossus. That game was truly a gem, and one of my favorite games. But in the end, I guess you need to make a lot of money to help support yourself, so let’s hope The Last Guardian is the killer game for Team Ico to be a commercial success.

Source: Edge Magazine and PS Blog

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