Making SSX: Part 3, Level Design – Shred the Planet

This third video in the “Making SSX: Bringing Back the Franchise” series gives us a closer look at what EA is doing with the level design. After watching this, you won’t need to fear SSX: Deadly Descent having boring, realistic level design. Sure the levels are based on reality, but with massive jumps that require squirrel suits, a train that got caught in an avalanche, and chasms no snowboarder in their right mind would cross, you have what looks to be a concoction of success.

Locations from every contintent means a great deal of variety in level design

Dave Taylor, the Art Director, is our guide for this video. He explains that they want to create terrain that looks natural, but is still exciting to the players. We’ll be “shredding the planet” as he says, because the team has gotten inspiration from places all over the world. On their studio wall you can see such phrases as: “make awesome feel easy”, “iconic natural terrain”, “memorable moments”, “provide opportunity space”, and “eliminate frustration”.

Boring level design? Nope.

Part 4 in the video series will be out on April 27th, and their next subject is characters. I hope they’re bringing back David Arquette. He made Tricky that much more fun to play because of the excitement that he brought to Eddie Wachowski’s voice.

For now, enjoy part 3:

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