Escalation Map Pack, Now With Moving Pictures and Sound

Is it May 5th yet? No. Well, I guess you can check out this video for the Escalation Map Pack while you wait. There are four new multi-player maps, and one new zombie map heading to Call of Duty: Black Ops.; and now we can see them with, yes, moving pictures and sound.

The Zoo map has a monorail, so you will soon be able to belt out that famous Simpsons number while the other players tell you to shut the f*%$ up. That should be fun. The hotel map takes place in Havana, and it has elevators. That’s really all you had to tell me. That sounds awesome. The Stockpile map is a suburban village, and its unique feature is a central building with a large door that is operable by players. Treyarch has also apparently taken into consideration the fact that players want more variety in “engagement distances”, meaning sniping, short-range, and medium-range fights.

Xbox 360 gamers will have access to the map pack on May 5th, while PS3 and PC players will have to wait a bit longer.

Check out all of the maps, along with the developers taking up valuable map-viewing time in this new video:

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