Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Details and Video – Split-Screen FTW

Get ready for a ton of new details regarding Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. Naughty Dog is going all out to prove that Uncharted can be competitive in the multiplayer arena.

For starters, how would you like to be able to play with split-screen online with your friends? Done. Your friend wants to use his PSN ID too? Also done. Tired of dropped players ruining the balance and fun of your online matches? Uncharted 3 will (finally) allow players to join games in progress. If you happen to join a losing game, (which may be the case, as that is why people sometimes leave games) Naughty Dog is implementing an interesting solution: “Power Plays” are activated when one team is way behind in points. The top team is given the chance to maximize their cash rewards, but will have to even the odds for the other team.

C'mon, Drake, be merciful and use your gun instead.

Continuing on with their new additions to multiplayer, a game will enter Overtime if a match is too close. Then each team has a certain amount of time to win by more than one point. If the teams are still within 1 point of each other, the game will enter Sudden Death. Once this occurs, all players only have one life, and the last player standing will win the match for his team.

Perhaps a nod to the Gears of War series is the “Three Team Deathmatch” mode, which is 2 vs. 2 vs. 2. A new buddy system will allow one buddy to spawn on another if he is out of battle, which sounds very much like the spawn system in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

There is now something called a “Medal Kickback” which allows players to set up a kickback that occurs once a set number of Medals are acquired during a match.

In Uncharted 2, it can be quite a pain to have to alter your “load-out” every time depending on what game-type you’re currently playing. Thankfully there’s going to be four load-out slots that save your starting weapons, customizations and mods, Boosters, and Kickbacks. New weapon customizations will allow the addition of clips, various scopes, and more.

Let's just hope the sheen on his shiny bald head won't make him an easier target.

Finally players will be able to customize their appearance. We were only allowed a few set choices in the past games, but now there will be hundreds of parts that can be customized (shirts, pants, accessories). Emblems can be placed on your character and will help to further differentiate you from the crowd. There are hundreds of decals, and you have three layers to work with. Even cooler is the fact that you can rotate and scale the emblem’s parts, which should produce a ton of variety. Emblems are said to possibly be seen in-game. I’m guessing that when you’re the top player, or when you do something big for your team, your emblem will be up for everyone to see.

There are two types of missions people can choose from to earn rewards: Instant, and Long-term ones. Instant ones may appear in the middle of a match, and can be done relatively quickly. Long-term ones take a lot longer, but the rewards will be much greater. In addition to those, the times in multiplayer that you’re using the buddy system, there will be opportunities to pick up treasures, but the Playstation.blog said there’d be more on that later.

Lastly, in addition to being able to upload videos of your Uncharted 3 multiplayer gameplay to YouTube, user-created videos may be placed on the main multiplayer page of Uncharted 3 via the new Uncharted TV!

Oh, and the Playstation.blog also hesitantly mentions the new inclusion of sprinting. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be welcome. Uncharted 2’s multiplayer is still a lot of fun, but it is pretty noticeable that the characters move at an oddly slow pace. Consider that fixed, I guess.

It looks like Naughty Dog has gone out of their way to do everything right regarding their multiplayer. I remember them saying that it was going to be more of a focus for them this time around, but I never expected all of this!

The multiplayer beta will begin worldwide on July 5th, 2011. Those who purchase specially marked copies of Infamous 2, and PlayStation Plus members will get early access on June 28th.

Check out the new multiplayer video that just got released:

Source: Playstation.blog

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