Infamous 2 Mission Designer Does Everything

Infamous 2’s level editor has already been made known, but now we get a chance to view it in action with our own eyes. Senior Game Designer Karl Deckard, and
Players will be able to start creating their levels from a generic template such as Race (get from point a to b), Ring Race (going through rings will put more time on the clock), Search and Rescue, Secure NPC, Assassination, Battle, and Canon (presumably missions from the main game). You can also choose to start from scratch using the “Create Empty Mission” option.

This mission's current capacity for objects is only at 15%, and there are tons of bad guys. This means you'll be able to create large-scale missions.

Any level that has been created, by either users or Sucker Punch, can be “remixed”; meaning that you can mess with them any way you like, and then upload your own version when you’re done. If your level gets some recognition from Sucker Punch (positive votes from others will probably help), your level may be featured at the top so that others can find it more easily.
One thing I took note of is that “content packs” are said to be released over Playstation Network, which could mean that certain tools, objects, and/or characters may be paid-for DLC. Just don’t get too cheap on us, Sucker Punch.

Here you can see some of the basic options for a mission, like choosing the name, time of day, and objective.

This level editor seems very powerful, allowing for all kinds of interactions and reactions between npcs and the main character. Various script commands will allow users to do things such as make a particular NPC aware of Cole’s location based on whether or not the other NPCs have seen Cole. It sounds to me like users will be given a lot of freedom to create very complex missions.


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