‘Dead City’ Trailer Proves Rage is a Shooter at Heart

Long-time gamers may be thinking, “Well, it’s from id, of course it’s a shooter”, but I didn’t expect as much action as you’ll see in this trailer. I thought perhaps that this would be basically like Fallout 3, but with a bunch of upgrades. So far it’s kind of like that, but it’s very apparent that this is an id software game, and we’ll be seeing more of a focus on action compared to Fallout 3.

The trailer starts out with a medium-sized skirmish against some smaller mutants, and a semi-large one that has a tentacle arm. That tentacle arm needs a bit of work on its animation, but I do like how the mutant naturally walks over the barrier (1:45). Also, take not of how the grass/foliage actually gets displaced as your character gets near. This is pretty cool, because usually there is absolutely no interaction, and the scenery is simply there to look nice. It would be great to see all games adapt this, as sneaking through grassy areas with grass that is static definitely needs to be done away with.

The environments are quite detailed. The run-down future has never looked so good.

Rage will give players a feeling of isolation; unless of course you enjoy the company of the mutants who have taken over a good portion of the world.

At the end of the trailer we see that the protagonist has gotten himself into way more than he bargained for. The mutants are attacking from all directions, and even worse, the building-sized mutant that only made a brief appearance at the beginning is back, and he’s no longer just part of the scenery.

At the end of the trailer it says that the next mission we’ll see is called, “The Shrouded”. Stay tuned for more Rage footage!

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