Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship series 2011

A 2 day event filled with duelists new and old even from out of state and even out of country attend to test their skills and upgrade their Yu-Gi-Oh! library.

Day 1 focused on the 9 round swiss tournament that would finish in day 2 with round with round 10 and 11, leading into the top 32. People starting showing up as early as 7am, they get any last minute cards, interacting with friends waiting for the doors to open. 9am starts and the doors open, and people start walking in filling out the regionals forms with their decks all in order to be on top.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship series 2011 starts in Anaheim, California and while the tournament wsd the main draw for more than 1,000 people there were some extra cool surprises that would take place both days.

Special events included:

* Attack of the Giant Card happened – One winner would had a chance to win a gigantic prize card, their choice between either a giant Trishula or Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En.

* Pegasus Challenge – Traditional format where even banned cards can be played one of the biggest draws was the release of Turbo pack 5. 2 for entering and the winners receive up to 4 extra packs and a mini Pegasus card binder.

* Dragon Duels – Kids 12 and under proceeded to see who would be the best duelists in the age category.

* Retro pack challenge – As the name suggests, players would make a deck out of the cards chosen from the Retro packs and duel for prizes.

* Regional qualifiers – for those who didn’t make it in the top 32 by mid-way through day 2, they could get another chance to qualify in 16 man single elimination.

*3 vs 3 team duels – 3 team members face another team of 3, and the team with the most win’s is given the win for the whole round. After X amount of rounds the top 2 team with the best scores receive a very special prize, for YCS Anaheim that would be an uncut sheet of Secret or Ultra cards from Duelist Revolution.

Overall Yu-Gi-Oh! Events draw big crowds and players who want the ability to prove they are the best. It’s always thought that the more expensive the card the better the deck and with Yu-Gi-Oh! That isn’t always the case, what you need is creativity, some luck, and the ability to make a deck that can flow well and work around decks to give you a great advantage is what counts. Top 2 in Anaheim included a gravekeeper’s deck and an elemental hero with Gemini cards which took first.

Turbo pack 5 made its debut for the first time with people wanting to get their hands on some great cards that included a super Six Samurai United, Super Snowman Eater, Ultra Dark Hole and even the Ultimate Colossal Fighter.

Check out the video for some more information.

While the Texas, Charlotte, and Anaheim YCS may have passed, Canada and Ohio are still coming up.

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