New Video of Mortal Kombat’s Opening Sequence

We are less than 2 days away from the return of the bloody 2D Fighter, Mortal Kombat. With anticipation reaching the boiling point, a new video has surfaced on the games Story Mode intro.

The opening sequence goes back to where Mortal Kombat: Armageddon left off. Shao Kahn has defeated Blaze, obtaining godlike powers and merging all the other realms with Outworld. Countless dead bodies lay everywhere and Raiden is all that is left. Before Shao Kahn can deliver the finally blow, Raiden sends a message to his former self, which brings us back to the very first Mortal Kombat game. A little weird, I know.

Mortal Kombat hits store shelves April 17.

Special thanks to Bryce Beckley from the Band Heartist

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