Wii Successor?

Rumors have been flying about the mill that Nintendo will be announcing the successor to the Wii console at this year’s E3.  Multiple sources claims that the new console will be capable of running games with HD resolution and be able to out muscle the PS3 and Xbox 360 and is backwards compatible with Wii games.  There are even more unconfirmed reports from French technology publication 01.net such as the new controller having an inbuilt sensor bar and features a 6″ touch screen to the new console allegedly code named ‘Project Café’ being built with a custom IBM PowerPC with three cores and having at least 512MB in memory. It makes this writer wonder if the new console can also make him a sandwich and pour him a soda during game play.

With the Wii sales in decline even Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted that Nintendo needs to pick up the slack and do a better job with publishing partners.  It has been said that several publishers have already seen this rumored new console and the outlook has thus far been positive. There are rumors coming down the grape vine that the new console might release as early as this Christmas season.


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