Terminator VS Robocop

It looks like like the time has come for the metal assassin from the future to meet the OCP’s latest in advanced law enforcement.  Robocop has awoken to the Terminator’s future where all humanity has been wiped out.  Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Punisher Max: Get Castle) and P.J. Holden (Battlefields and Judge Dredd for 2000 AD) will create the tale of Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.  So who will triumph?  The Skynet Overlord or Man Machine Alex Murphy?


“Rob and PJ bring a fresh, wonderful sensibility to both of these characters and each, in their own way, inject a serious amount of “soul” into these two machines and their worlds,” says Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt.  “Well, that and all the guns and killing.”



[Source: Comic Book Resources]

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