Blazblue Continuum Shift 2 Almost Here

In an announcement that makes me shriek like a school girl that’s just been asked out to prom by the quarterback, Blazblue CSII is finally about to hit the home consoles, bringing myself and others back into this game with full force. The DLC will be Platinum the Trinity character, plus the balance patch along with a few other changes. A press release was made public by Arc System Works, and was translated by Kurushii, a member of SRK and Dustloop, has provided a rough translation of the press release.


JP 360 Release date for Platinum DLC + v1.03: 5/10/2011 (560points)
JP PS3 Release date for Platinum DLC + v1.03: 5/12/2011 (800yen)

Patch Notes:
-[System] Platinum character addition.
-[System] Platinum Trophy/Achievement Data.
-[Network] PSR will be displayed in match.
-[Network] Can select different characters for training mode while waiting for ranked.
-[Network] Can cancel network match after battle preparation screen.
-[Network] Ranked match specifications changed.
-[Network] Netcode improved.
-[System] Console version will be equal with the April 15th arcade build.
-[Challenge] Challenge mode updated to CS2 standard. Previous competitions transfer over.
-[Network] Added more simple messages inside player matches.
-[Network] Valkenhayn will get additional experience. (360 only)
-[Network] More penalty’s against rage quitters.
-[Challenge] Changed how meters recover where gauge/meter is required.
-[System] Fixed bug when selecting mode the game might freeze.
-[System] Fixed bug when mu’s certain motion cause the display color to be messed up.
-[DLC] U.Platinum and DLC Colors will be included with dlc purchase of the character.
-[Network] Ranked mode version changed to v1.03.
-[Arcade] Platinum will not be available and no additional scenarios.
-[Legion] Platinum will not be available.
-[Story] No additional scenarios for Platinum.

(rough translation, and thanks Sesame for translating ones I needed help with)

While these are the dates for the Japanese release, any news in this long drought is more than welcome, and I suspect we will get our releases relatively close to the Japanese release.

Officially updating the game to CS2, and boasting what is claimed to be an improved netcode, along with character balances, Platinum, the ability to opt out of a match before it starts, and many more subtle changes, this update is something that anyone who plays this game is eagerly awaiting. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the balanced Hazama, who’s combos have become a bit more challenging and awesome with throwing knife MID-COMBO LIKE A BOSS, and to play as Platinum the Trinity and beat people down cutely.

I’m not kidding about my excitement. When I read this, I was in public. I got stares.

I play this game for the PLOT


Shoutouts to Kurushii for translating and being godlike, SRK where I first read the news here, and to Dustloop.

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