Battlefield 3 “My Life” Trailer Has Tanks, Jet Fight

EA has put out a new Battlefield 3 trailer which is mostly a compilation of the previously released “Fault Line” video series. The way it’s spliced together, and the fact that it has footage from all three other videos makes it the best video to watch whether you have or haven’t yet seen them.

Dog fighting hasn't been popular as of late, but maybe Battlefield 3 can change that.

A long while back some Battlefield 3 footage was leaked by italian site, and we were able to get a small blurry glimpse of a jet fight. Now though, we get a good glimpse (oxymoron?) of the jet fight, and it looks pretty awesome. I’m a sucker for flight in games, so it’s exciting to see jets brought back into the mix.

Do we get simulated claustrophobia too?

Tanks are also finally visually revealed to be in the game, and they compare rather well with the real thing.

Base jumping!? This game has everything!

The video requests that people head over to to see the full video, but it’s not yet available. After you’re at their site, you’ll see that they want 1,000,000 likes on Facebook before they’ll unlock the video. This is the first I’ve heard of a developer ransoming a video for their game, but it’s a very interesting move, DICE. Currently they have 684,793 fans, so get over there because I want to see the whole thing!

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