Persona 4 Anime Announced

Aniplex has confirmed on Monday, April 11th, that the Persona 4 will be getting a official anime adaptation.

The game, originally released in 2008 for the Playstation 2, has been widely popular among JRPG fans. It’s predecessor, Persona 3, has inspired the creation of Persona -trinity soul- which was localized by Nipon Ichi Software America roughly a year ago.

Seiji Kishi, director of the popular Angel Beats! series has been charged with the task of directing this series at Anime international Company. The composer of the series will be returning to compose musics for the new series, and the original voice acting cast will be returning to voice for the characters. The rest of the staff, including character design and concept design of the game has all be credited for their work on the original game.


The mobile site has confirmed earlier this week that the site is for Persona 4 anime

This is the recently released teaser trailer for the persona 4 trailer that has revealed a website that will have all of the announcement relating to the show. The countdown timer

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork, Kotaku

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