Wrestlers Weigh-in on Edge’s Retirement on Twitter

Today, many are still reeling from the bombshell that Edge dropped last time on Monday Night Raw. After RAW went off the air, both Randy Orton and John Cena came to the ring to give their thoughts on Edge’s retirement. They made sure to ensure the audience that this is not part of any storyline and that this is in fact the end of his career. For one last time, John Cena asked that the crowd give him one last standing ovation for the great career of the Rated-R Superstar Edge.

Many other Superstars, past and present, gave their thanks to Edge via their Twitter accounts:

The Rock(@TheRock): “Edge – you are my brother, an inspiration and define the word “superstar”. THANK YOU Adam.. for everything.”

Christian(@Christian4Peeps): I’ve shed my tears..And from here on out I choose 2celebrate 1 of the greatest careers in WWE history..Cant wait2 induct u in the HOF #Edge

Bret Hart(@HitmanBretHart): “I remember training w/both Edge & Christian in a ring @ my house back in ’97 & he’ll always be one of my guys. Such an abrupt end to a great career saddens the entire wrestling world. Cheers to the rated-R Superstar.”

Shawn Michaels(@ShawnMichaels): “Have had contact w/Edge & he is looking 4ward 2what the future holds. It will b great, good things happen 2 good people & he is just that.”

Chris Jericho(@IAmJericho): Edge is a great performer and 1 of my favorite opponents. He’s also got an incredible MIND for the business. Congrats on an amazing career.

Samoa Joe(@SomoaJoe): “A Little late but I just heard about Edge’s Retirement. Good People, GREAT wrestler, and will sorely be missed in the ring.”

Jim Ross(@JRsBBQ): “Edge will always be one of my favorites. I’m so grateful I was in a role to help him launch his wwe dream. Dreams do come true. Edge=HOF!”

Mick Foley(@realMickFoley): A sad day for wrestling, but what an amazing career for Edge. I was so fortunate to have been his opponent, his partner, his friend.

Tommy Dreamer(@TheTommyDreamer): “My motto has always been I wrestle every single match like it is my last, cause 1 day I know it will b. Thanks Edge 4 everything u hav done”

Kurt Angle(@anglefoods): “It’s sad to see my friend Edge Retire from WWE. Edge was one of the Best. Your Fans will miss You dearly. I know I will. Luv u Edge!!!!”

On this Friday’s Smackdown, Edge will drop the title. No word yet on how much storyline will play into this but many believe this will may be his last WWE appearance.

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