Infamous 2 has Gigantic Building-Sized Bosses – Trailer and Pics

The Playstation blog has released new video of user-generated missions, as well as pictures of a boss called “Behemoth” – A very fitting name, I would say. The thing looks like it eats buildings for sustenance. The video below gives us a peak at some of the types of missions gamers will be able to create once they’ve gotten their very own copy of Infamous 2. One mission even sets up some flying enemies in a “Space Invaders” pattern, and when a large object floats by and is shot, the invaders are temporarily frozen. Players will even be able to create their own dialogues and stories for missions.

There's a much bigger variety in the enemies this time around.

Look out, Batman! I mean Cole! Look out, Cole!

Infamous 2's destructible environments are going to get a workout

Explosions! Now with more ice!

Create your own levels in Infamous 2:

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