First Screens of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – Zombie Hostages?

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the new game from Capcom that has four on four competitive play also has Zombie hostages. I knew the game was going to have a neutral faction in the Bio Organic Weapons (the monsters), but I never expected zombie hostages – that is so awesome. The screens also reveal that the hunter from Resident Evil 1 will be stalking the streets (and look at those claws!).

Take a look at our earlier coverage of Operation Raccoon City.

The Hunter's claws are pretty huge.

The Hunter should make competitive mode interesting

The look of the devastated city will add to the experience

Knives? Yes! Let's just hope that they're actually useful.

Hey, no camping.

Psycho Mantis!?

Watch out, Leon, everyone's out to get you.

Is that the Nemesis?

Capcom hopes to reinvigorate multiplayer with neutral monsters that roam the streets

Zombies make for good portable bullet collectors

Source: Joystiq

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