Batman: Arkham City’s Open-World Design Details – Bosses a Focus

If you haven’t played Batman: Arkham Asylum, you missed out on what is possibly the best superhero game ever. Don’t worry though, you have another chance to redeem yourself by playing Batman: Arkham City, which looks even better than its predecessor. There were a lot of details revealed by Rocksteady’s marketing game manager, Dax Ginn, in an interview conducted by CVG.

Sorry, no Catwoman co-op this time around

Concerning multiplayer, he had this to say:

We considered it pretty briefly and then realised that it would have hit and hurt our production and also it didn’t really make a lot of sense for a game that is so single character-centric.

There are huge open areas for Batman to explore

If you’re worried about whether or not Batman’s single-player experience justifies the $60 price tag, you shouldn’t be. Ginn says that his Q&A testers who know the game thoroughly and avoid any side-quests take around 8 hours to complete the game. It will take a lot longer for people who first play the game and do additional quests not necessary to complete the game. Don’t forget that Batman: Arkham Asylum had a challenge room mode that added a bunch of hours to the fun. Ginn says there are still some surprises he’s holding back.

Batman's playing face punch with the neighborhood gangs

Batman: Arkham City is an open-world game, and a lot of the narrative happens in the inside areas:

The way in which we are pacing out the narrative reveals is through the internal areas so coming to the court house, before the whole Catwoman/Two-Face thing, it wouldn’t have been available, there would have been some other priority that would have been the focus at that point. So it’s the internal locations that are used to book-mark that experience.

I'm pretty sure dive-bombing enemies will keep me thoroughly entertained

The narrative may be mostly contained in inside areas, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting things happening outside. Joker, Hugo Strange, and Two-Face all have their own mini-armies who are vying for power. Enter an area at one point and it might be under control of the Joker. If you go into it a little later, it might be under control of one of the other two faction leaders.

The major characters revealed for the game so far are: Joker, Harley, Catwoman, Two-Face, Zsaz, Riddler, Hugo Strange, and Calendar Man. The Joker will be played by Mark Hamill, and Batman will be played by Kevin Conroy from the Animated series. The other voice actors will be made known in the future.

The first game didn’t have as many lengthy boss fights as some players wanted, so this time around Rocksteady has made it a focus. They started the game with people working on making the boss fights epic.

Batman will vanquish his foes October 18th, 2011 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG

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