“24” Movie Will Release in 2012

Producer Brian Grazer tweeted yesterday that the “24” will be made and that it will release next year in 2012. This now adds confirmation to the claim that Keifer Sutherland made about a month ago that the movie is still in development and will release soon. Now the movie has not started production or shooting yet, so I’m not too sure how quickly they can get it done and still have it ready for a 2012 release. Maybe they plan on going for a record by actually filming the entire movie in 24hrs. Also, as of right now, they still don’t have a director, but rumor has it that Tony Scott will helm the project. Finally, there hasn’t been any inkling of what the plot will be, but my guess is it’s something along the lines of Jack Bauer’s daughter gets kidnapped, he has to save the president, he gets captured and he gets double crossed a few times. Judging by the series as a whole, I think I’m spot on.

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