More Photos from Anime Conji 2011

Here we have for you more photos from San Diego’s anime convention Anime Conji.  Attendees of this first year convention had a wide array of panels to check out from ‘Sewing Techniques’ and ‘Self-Defense for the Otaku’ to ‘Articulated Figures’ and ‘Propping UP’.  And activities galore from the ‘Mochi Maid Cafe’ to the ‘Fairy Tale Burlesque’ and the ‘Masquerade’ to the ‘Fashion Show’ to keep your inner anime fan boy/girl busy.  Never a dull moment with panels to check out, activities to do, a dealers hall to roam, or even taking a break and lounging by the pool.  You never know there’s always something to do or see.  So if you’ve missed out this year come down to San Diego next year for Anime Conji 2012 from March 16th to the 18th.


Full gallery at Mad Calamity Photos.

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