Insomniac Games Community Day 2011

Whether its All 4 One with the new Ratchet & Clank or every man for himself with Resistance 3, Insomniac Games had put together an awesome community day this year.  Kicking off the event was the introduction and demo of the Haven level in the latest entry of the Resistance franchise.  With that Insomniac began showing off all their bag o’ fun to the gathered attendees.  After a quick Q&A with the game developers fans had a chance to check out the lobby which was loaded up with consoles available to play.


The multiplayer in Resistance 3 has been spiced up and now adds new weapon upgrades, perks, and classes which are all attainable through the rewarded currency (no, this isn’t Call of Duty).  Also killstreak bonuses have been added (no, still not Call of Duty) to the game.  Although still rough around the edges Resistance 3 focuses mainly on the single player story which emphasized survival and guerrilla tactics rather than army operations, this time resurrecting the great co-op that the first Resistance brought us.


Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, is truly another platforming masterpiece brought to us by the fine folks of Insomniac.  Taking in years of fan feedback, finally a co-op online game was born.  Ratchet is sporting his usual arsenal with the addition of some hysterically new destructive guns and gizmos.  The gadget toting Lombax can now team up with three other players online to explore new worlds, marvel in their beauty and serenity, and eventually blowing them all to smithereens.


The event ended with an intimate interview by Adam Sessler (host of X-Play) with the CEO of  Insomniac, Ted Price which was followed by an announcement that Resistance 3 will indeed be compatible with the PlayStation Move and 3D TV Technology.  Hats off to the Insomniac crew for providing supporters with an awesome experience that shows the amount of attention these developers truly give to their fans.  We all hope to see the future of Insomniac to grow and create new and exciting worlds for us to visit, annihilate enemies in, and now other players as well.


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**Article written by Adam Kharakov

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