Fallout: New Vegas’ Expansion ‘Honest Hearts’ to be Revealed Soon

There are a lot of signs pointing to a Fallout: New Vegas expansion probably being revealed at Bethesda’s media event that’s being held in some Utah mountains this week. Bethesda’s publisher, ZeniMax, has trademarked something called “Honest Hearts”. This is apparently a reference to a quote by a real-life mormon named Brigham Young who said, “Honest hearts make for honest actions”.

In the Fallout universe, a man named Joshua Graham, who was a former mormon, led an army from Caesar’s Legion to defeat and was then burned to death for his failure. The location of the new DLC expansion is rumored to be in the state of New Canaan, and perhaps more specifically in Zion National Park, which had its own snow globe in Dead Money (or at least hidden in the game files).

Unlike the “Dead Money” DLC, Bethesda has said that the next three DLC packs will come out on every platform at the same time. Check back soon for news on Bethesda’s media event happening in Utah this week.

Source: Duck and Cover, Fallout Wiki
Via: Joystiq

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