Dirt 3 Brings a Much-Needed Party Mode to Racing

Racing games too often stick with simply racing to a finish line as the means of entertainment. Why can’t there be more to them? Dirt 3 is here to break up the hum-drum racing genre with its new party mode. There are three modes known so far.

Invasion will have racers defending earth from cardboard cut-out robots while dodging cardboard skyscrapers. It may sound lame, but it sounds like it’ll test how quickly you can react to changing environments, and be a lot of fun at the same time.

Transporter is the second game-type, and it’s basically capture the flag, except that the flag will spawn in a different location each time. It isn’t yet known how the flag will be taken away from the other team, but Rock, Paper, Shotgun presumes you’ll have to bump into them.

In Outbreak, one racer will be “infected” and turn bright green. This player must then go and infect the other team by ramming into them. The last car uninfected is the winner. However, RPS says that you have to still chase down the last uninfected car, but don’t say why the rest of the racers would have incentive to do so. Maybe the longer he stays uninfected, the more points he earns?

I’m very glad to see these kinds of game-types entering the racing genre. When I played GRID, I started a game of “cops and robbers” with some other online players even though it wasn’t a game-type that existed in the game.

How do the rest of you racers out there feel about this new party mode?

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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