Wagnaria!! Complete Series Premium Edition Review

Continuing the trend of bringing of Anime to America in Japanese with English subtitles, NISA brings us Wagnaria, which is known to most of the Anime community as Working. The Wagnaria!! Complete Series Premium Edition package contains the complete 13 episode series on 2 DVDs along with an artbook.

Wagnaria is a comedy and slice of life Anime about various people working at family restaurant called Wagnaria. The series starts off with Popura Taneshima being told to look for a part time worker to have more hands working at Wagnaria. Popura accidents bumps into Sota Takanashi while in panick after failing to find anyone willing to work at the restaurant. She proceeds to beg Takanashi to take up the job offer and after some funny and awkward moments, Takanashi accepts the job. After getting introduced to the manager, Kyoko Shirafuji; and the chef, Jun Sato; Popura-chan trains Takanashi for the job. Takanashi begins to realize that the staff of the restaurant is unique and each has their own little quirks. For example, Popura-chan can’t pronounce his surname properly and calls him Katanashi. Takanashi gets used to working at Wagnaria and runs into different odd and comedic situations throughout the whole series especially when he finally meets Mahiru Inami, whom of course has the biggest quirk of all amongst the restaurant staff.

NISA maintains their Anime DVD package setup with the slip case with pictures of characters from the anime on the front and back covers, 2 DVD, and an artbook. The difference this time is the artbook goes from left to right instead of the usual right to left opening. The artbook contains information on each individual character and their relationship with other characters along with pictures from the anime, concept and design art of the characters and various locations, and finally several short Manga pages.

Wagnaria is a great anime to just kick back and watch as well as being something the Anime Community doesn’t get too much of, a simple comedic slice of life anime, amongst all the mainstream action and fast-paced Anime. It may not have the major plot twists many are used to seeing as this is meant to go into the daily life of hard working people and the various events surrounding their daily lives but Wagnaria is interesting in the fact that you get to see behind the scenes of a restaurant setting with a unique variety of workers. Wagnaria also has an adorable and cute aura to it that potentially puts people in awe while watching. For those who are already fans of this series and is used to calling it Working and not Wagnaria, worry not as NISA kept the original name in the episodes throughout the series. Enjoy this latest release from NISA as many of you await the second season of this Anime and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did when watching Wagnaria.


Grade: A

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