Heavy Rain’s David Cage Jabs at L.A. Noire

Well, folks, it’s probably been a few days since we last had some trash-talking in the video-game world, which is much too long. Thankfully Heavy Rain’s David Cage is here to help us out. He recently did an interview with Computer and Videogames, referring to L.A. Noire’s facial animation he said:

…it’s an interesting solution to a problem for now. But it’s also an interesting dead end. That’s exactly what I feel. Their technique is incredibly expensive and they will never be able to shoot body and face at the same time.

Apparently David feels that shooting the actors’ bodies and faces together is important, thought its not certain if he means it’s important for the actors, or because animators will have to animate the bodies afterward and give an unrealistic appearance. He goes on, taking a slight jab at Team Bondi’s technology while at the same time promoting what his own studio is doing:

[Those using MotionScan] will never be able to do that. The other thing is that they can’t have real time lighting. Their technique means they can’t have lighting the way I think we should do it. Basically, they take pictures; they take scans several times per frame. They also have limitations on the shaders they use, they can’t re-target the eyes because they eyes are captured. When you have actors in real time you like to to re-target the eyes to make sure they look at each other [convincingly] etc. etc.

Wait a minute. Isn’t Heavy Rain the game with the creepy-eyes mannequin-people? David almost seems like a slightly more jealous version of Peter Molyneux. I guess we can cut him a tiny piece of slack, because he does go on to say that he thinks L.A. Noire looks good. It’s just that he thinks the technology Team Bondi is using won’t be able to be advanced much further than where they’re at now. Can David truly deliver and impress us with his next game? Only time will tell.

For now though, I think it’s time for another look at L.A. Noire to celebrate it being the first video game included in the Tribeca Film Festival.

The entire interview with Heavy Rain’s David Cage can be seen here.

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