Team Fortress 2’s Charity Hats Bring in $300,000 For Japan

Just one week ago developer Valve offered up three different virtual hats for Team Fortress 2 with every bit of money going to aid Japan. The three hats were the:

DiRT 3 Trailer is Odd Yet Compelling – Slo-mo Big Air

The DiRT series is back, this time featuring the so-called Group B of rally cars that were banned in 1986 for having excessive amounts of fatal accidents because of their

New Hawken Mech FPS Gameplay – This Indie Game Will Blow Your Mind

If there were ever a good time to jump into the giant robot genre, now would be it. Hawken is probably the coolest looking mech game I’ve ever seen. The

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Review

Available now from NISA Price: $59.99 for the Premium Box Set System: PlayStation 3 When music meets an RPG you can get some pretty weird stuff, I don’t speak of

Battlefield 3 – Bomb Defusing, and Melee Combat? Fault Line Episode 3 Trailer

This new Battlefield 3 trailer, “Fault Line: Episode 3”, finds our protagonist tasked with defusing a bomb. Just a little later in the video, there’s a melee combat sequence that

New Xbox Disc Format Revealed by Hacker

So Major Nelson has announced the new Xbox 360 System Update Preview Program that will be available for U.S. residents. If you’re picked, you’ll get Halo: Reach along with other

Hawkeye’s Costume Revealed at CinemaCon

While there are no actual pics that we can show, the guys over at SHH have seen the Hawkeye costume and have described it for the fans. The costume looks

Kinect’s Child of Eden Gameplay Trailer: Drugs Not Needed

Here’s a gameplay trailer for Ubisoft’s Child of Eden, a project by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, known for his trippy music shooter, Rez. This is my next anticipated Kinect game after the

Mega Collection of Photos and Videos of Adrianne Palicki on the Wonder Woman Set

Now here’s a huge collection of Adrianne Palicki photos and videos as Wonder Woman on the set of the Wonder Woman NBC TV show. She also has a stunt woman

Mortal Kombat and Batman Arkham: City to Require Online Pass?

According to Joystiq, Warner Bros. might be following suit with EA and THQ in how they handle online gameplay and features. EA and THQ requires players to have an online

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Teaser Trailer Hits

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was confirmed as the new Resident Evil game coming out this winter in 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. And now, we have

Winner Announced for Star Trek Pizza Cutter Giveaway

Congratulations to Melissa for winning the Star Trek Pizza Cutter giveaway. As for the delicious pizza, looks like I’m going to have to travel all the way ME to try

4 Pictures of Concept Artwork for Pixar’s Next Movie, ‘Brave’

Oh man, looking forward to a Disney/Pixar movie that’s NOT a sequel, and now we Brave. We have these 4 pictures of concept artwork for the animated movie. Brave takes

Lo-Res Batman: Arkham City Avatars Reveal Mr. Freeze and Penguin

Update (March 30, 2011): Images have been removed at the request from Warner Bros. Interactive. Here’s a look at Mr. Freeze and Penguin for Batman: Arkham City. The pics are

Description for Thor Footage Including Hawkeye Cameo

Marvel held a 20-minute screening for both Thor and Captain America. Included in the footage for Thor is a cameo by Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. The footage that was shown

Justice League Movie Script in the Works

It looks like Warner Bros. is going ahead with a Justice League movie first and a spinoff of the Flash and Wonder Woman after. Not sure if I like the

‘Green Lantern’ Plans to Premiere New Trailer in Front of ‘Thor’

Now this is what I like to see, DC and Marvel joining hand-in-hand and promoting each other like BFFs. The Green Lantern trailer is planned to be released in front

Batman to be Reinvented After The Dark Knight Rises

So here’s news of Warner Chief Robinov wanting to reinvent Batman after the third Nolan movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Why reinvent something that is awesome? I’m guessing that no

Death Rally on iPad, iPhone on March 31st, Free on PC

You iPhone and iPad users should feel lucky, because you’re currently receiving the attention of Remedy, developers of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Death Rally is actually an old game

Rumor: God of War 4 in Development, and It’s Online?

A freelance animator who worked under Motion Logic Studio did a “Game Cinematic Test” for God of War 4 according to his Linkedin resume. The animating was done between May