Talented Indie Developer, Konjak, Needs Your Help – Play His New Game, ‘Iconoclasts’

An indie game developer out there named Joakim Sandberg (aka Konjak) needs our help! Yes, he’s apparently in a not-so-great financial situation. He has several short finished games that he allows people to download for free, and one full-length game that he’s charging $10 for called Noitu Love 2. My guess is that he spends too much time on games that he gives away for free. In the past, to make money, he’s done some animated sprites for “Contra IV”, “Shantae” and “Barbie and The Three Musketeers” (Hey, a man’s gotta’ make a living).

He wrote on his blog recently regarding his situation, and it was rather depressing I must say. It’s sad to see a person with such talent seem to have so few options. Take a look at this new game he’s been working on. It’s called Iconoclasts.

Iconoclasts stars Robin, a mechanic. In her fictional world, people are not supposed to mess with machines, because the authorities say so. The game has a lot of charm, and I laughed at least five times while playing the two levels that are currently playable.

In this scene Robin must sneak by while the guys are laughing. They tell such ridiculous jokes that I just couldn't help but laugh along with them.

As far as the gameplay goes, it’s basically a platforming-action game, a little similar to Metroid, but different at the same time. There are enemies you’ll shoot, some you’ll jump on, and one particular enemy in the second level required me to reflect his projectile back at him. The game also has a swing mechanic which requires precise timing for you to latch your wrench onto little floating bolts.

In the above picture, the main character uses her wrench to open the second boss’ weak spot, and you must repeatedly tap the “wrench” button to keep it that way while controlling the aim of the thief character to shoot the weak spot. It might sound confusing, but it’s pretty brilliant.

In the next phase the boss bounces the platform upwards towards spikes, which you must duck to avoid. In between bounces you need to jump and shoot downwards with your gun. You can also charge up your gun for more damage. There is a third phase that has you alternating between destroying flying robots and shooting downwards at the boss.

You just have to see the cute animation of Robin using her wrench.

Iconoclasts is a great title, and based on what’s available, I would probably give this game an “A”. I’d say it rivals, and even beats, many commercially made games out there, so if you’d like to see it finished, perhaps you can head over to Konjak’s blog to convince him. The two levels that are currently available are free to play and can be downloaded, here.

Here’s a little gameplay sample of Iconoclasts. The sound isn’t great on this video, but Youtube doesn’t have a lot for me to work with:

If you’d like to help Joakim Sandberg aka Konjak, you can do so by purchasing his $10 game “Noitu Love 2”. If you check back on his blog, there may be an opportunity to give him a little funding for future projects via the Kickstarter program.

Here’s a trailer for Noitu Love 2:

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