New Hawken Mech FPS Gameplay – This Indie Game Will Blow Your Mind

If there were ever a good time to jump into the giant robot genre, now would be it. Hawken is probably the coolest looking mech game I’ve ever seen. The last video was mostly 3rd-person footage, but this one puts us in the cockpit for the entire series of battles. Being there in first-person lets us feel the sway of the giant metal beast and intensifies the incoming fire. At one point it appears that the mech is shutting down for the pilot to get out. The first video that was put out gave us a slight glimpse of the first-person mode, and now in the second one we get the full experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game actually lets you get out and hijack other vehicles, but I certainly would be thrilled.

Just for those who don’t know, Hawken is a multi-player focused game. Adhesive Games say they are planning on releasing the game as a relatively low-priced download-able game and are looking at the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms, though nothing is set in stone. The team is also saying they have the typical Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, but have two unique modes they have up their sleeves yet to be revealed.

Check out Adhesive Games’ official site for more information.

This game actually makes you feel what mech combat would be like. Those environments are looking great too:

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