Battlefield 3 – Bomb Defusing, and Melee Combat? Fault Line Episode 3 Trailer

This new Battlefield 3 trailer, “Fault Line: Episode 3”, finds our protagonist tasked with defusing a bomb. Just a little later in the video, there’s a melee combat sequence that looks like something you’d see in Uncharted 2. Although I’m very doubtful that this part is played, it would be really cool if they did add manual melee fights into the mix. The last section of the video has waves of insurgents heading for your position while getting mowed down by a light machine gun. Oh, and check out those shell casings falling from the helicopter that add a little extra immersion-sauce to the battlefield.

EA teases at the end that the full 12-minute preview will be available on April 17th, so be sure to head on over to the internet at that specified time for more Battlefield 3 greatness.

Here’s the trailer for Fault Line: Episode 3:

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