Moon Diver Brings Strider-Like 2D Action to PSN March 29th, Xbox Live in April – UPDATE

I think the time is right for some Moon Diver ninjas to invade PSN and Xbox 360. Once you check out the trailer, I’m sure you’ll concur. The reason this game is Strider-like is because the creator of Strider, Kouichi Yotsui, has been working with developer FeelPlus and Square-Enix on this fine-looking game. One small bit of bad news is that Xbox 360 owners will have to wait for a release sometime in April.

UPDATE: The price has been obscured until just now when it was released on PSN. I’m going to assume that Square-Enix wanted everyone to focus on the game itself and not what it costs, which is $14.99. Really it’s not a bad price for the game, considering the great visuals that are included. Those 3D graphics and textures don’t come cheap, ya’ know? I’ll have the review up in a few days, or so.

Great graphics, a double jump, air dash, giant bosses, and 4-player co-op? I'll have two

The core gameplay is 2-D platforming with action, akin to Strider, and maybe even the Contra series. You can grip walls and ceilings, just like any real ninja does. Perhaps a subtle yet very important feature is sub-weapons, which may add offensive abilities such as shooting out bolts of energy. Another one allows you to temporarily not be tracked by enemies, which will come in handy for those quick-thinking moments in which you decide you’d rather that your expendable co-op sidekick ninjas have other more useful purposes, like dying for your sake (note: not the alcohol. Though that too is worth dying for).

One of the characters uses a charged attack

You’ll be able to play 4-player co-op both online and locally, and there are four unique characters to choose from. The character you choose will determine your beginning stats as well. The three main stats are: power, magic, and health, and they can be leveled up as you gain experience from killing enemies. One very interesting twist is that players will be able to switch the difficulty on the fly. The higher the difficulty, the greater the rewards, and there are even apparently added visual effects.
Now on to the main attraction. The Moon Diver trailer:

Source: Gamespot
2nd Source: Gaming Age

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