Nerd Reactor Podcast – Episode #3 “Mobile vs Console”

In this edition of our podcast, while talking about how exciting Arkham City is, I(Ryan) get made fun of for trying to use hookshot (Zelda) interchangeably with grappling hook (Batman). Is it time to turn in the nerd-badge?

We discuss Darren Aronofski backing out of the Wolverine movie, The Green Lantern having a CG costume, Peter “the hype machine” Molyneux who’s already talking about Fable 4, and a few other things.

Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio (Angry Birds) calls consoles a dying breed, so we pull out our verbal guns and take aim at those Angry Birds and their crazy squawking.

WARNING: May contain strong language

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Host: Ryan Southard, Narvin Seegoolam and Mike Villarreal.
Music: “Word Up!” by Korn

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