WWE Prepares For The Rock and John Cena Feud

Many fans have been spectacle about the return of The People’s Champ. Many believe that The Rock’s stint in the WWE is only limited  to his appearance at Wrestlemania and that it is only to promote his new film Fast Five. On the night of his return, The Rock stated he was back for good but since then he has been not seen physically at a WWE live event.

News just broke that both Vince Mcmahon and his daughter, Stephanie Mcmahon, have alerted WWE head writers to prepare for a The Rock vs John Cena. While the two stars have been exchanging words week after week, many suspected that nothing would ever come of their feud. Now, it seems that The Rock will indefinitely return to the ring. Inside sources claim, their feud will begin at Wrestlemania and will eventually lead up to this year’s Summerslam.

I’m glad The Rock will actually be back in the ring. It would have upset a lot of fans if he just did Wrestlemania and moved on to his next movie.

If your a wrestling fan, this is definitely something your not gonna want to miss.

Source: Wrestle Zone

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