How a Mini Digital Scale Could Have Saved My Sardines

How nerdy can a luggage scale be? Not especially nerdy, but the stuff we carry with us to gaming and electronics conventions will matter to our luggage fees and our backs. At the end of the day at the Consumer Electronics Show I always had to carry my laptop and SLR, because as a writer and photographer I had to have my tools of the trade at hand. If I were studying as I am today, my back would have really hated me from the additional books I’d carry.

Balanzza offers a mini digital luggage scale to avoid embarrassments at the airport. Southwest Air charges $50 for any checked in luggage weighing more than 50 lbs.┬áThose days of going through your luggage at the terminal and tossing out those cans of sardines are over. I only say these things because I’ve lived it. Oh, why yes….I am Filipino, LOL.

So, right now Nerd Reactor is on site at Anime Conji in San Diego. How much will my back hate me for lugging my SLR and laptop around all day? 16.6 lbs. Now to find a SLR/Laptop backpack with some good back support.


The Balanzza Digital Mini Scale is available online at among other places, or locally at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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