Urbanears Bagis Earphones: The Cool Portable Experience Review

Urbanears recently released its Bagis earphones line and let me say that it’s a wonderful listening piece, especially for active people.

The coolest feature is the snap construction. When you’re not listening to it, you can snap the two ear pieces around your neck so that you can do other activities. Once you’re ready to listen with it, just pull it apart and plug it in your ear.

It comes with an earplug to reduce outside noise, help directs sound, and it comes in three different sizes. The medium size fits perfectly inside my ear, and I never have to worry about it falling out (yes, I shook my head around like a mad man, and it’s still in my ear).

The cords are tangle resistant, which I love, since I don’t have to worry about untangling it every time I want to put it in. The cords have a mixture of fabric and thermoplastic rubber to help reduce distortion caused by rubbing. This is a concern, since microphonics can really disrupt your listening pleasure. That’s the only downside to this earphone.

The sound quality is good for an earphone, and by having the earplugs, it helps with the bass sound.

Here are the full specs:

  • $30.00 USD
  • One year premium replacement warranty
  • Snap construction. Connect around your neck when not using the Bagis
  • Size adjustable with enclosed S, M and L sleeves
  • 120cm / 47” tangle resistant fabric and TPE cord
  • 3.5mm stereo plug compatible with any music players using 3.5 mm standard
  • Microphone and remote compatible with unprotected 3.5 mm standard such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC and more
  • 9 mm handmade drivers

To find out more, check it out at the Urbanears Bagis page.

Grade: A

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