The Riddler Will Be More Hands On in Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady’s Dax Ginn talks more about the Riddler and his role in Batman: Arkham City. You never really get to see the Riddler in Batman: Arkham Asylum, but in this game, Batman will encounter him. The Riddler will be like Jigsaw in that he will torture innocent people. I’m thinking Batman won’t be able to help all, and some innocents will die because of it. In Arkham Asylum, some innocents did die, so I think Rocksteady will have the cajones to do it.

Riddler in Arkham Asylum was taunting Batman, toying with him. Establishing a relationship which was based on verbal abuse. He would lay down challenges for Batman and Batman would have to solve those challenges, but you never came face to face with him. He had this constant presence but not a physical presence, in Arkham City Riddler has a physical presence in the game.

He’s getting much more physically involved with the schemes he’s planning within Arkham City. You’ll see he’s up’d the anti massively, not just content with toying with Batman through verbal riddles but he’s actually threatening Batman physically and also threatening the lives of innocent people within Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham City will be available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 18, 2011.

Source: Gamereactor

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