Will You Have to Pay for the Rest of the Story in the Upcoming Homefront DLC?

In our recent review of Homefront, we unanimously agreed that the Single Player was a huge letdown for being so short. The game offered a unique take on the genre but the 5 hours of gameplay seemed more like a tease than an actual finished game. On the multiplayer side, the game definitely has something to offer, but that is if the servers can manage to stay online long enough for fans to log on.

Rumors have now surfaced that Kaos Studios has 2 DLC packs already in the works and both of them include a 3 mission single player and new maps. The first DLC single player puts you back into the role of Robert Jacobs. The missions will take place after the events of Homefront. The second DLC will include a new character that is a SAS soldier who is trying to help take back Hawaii from the Koreans. This DLC will help segue into the sequel that will take place in London.

While the news of new DLC sounds good in all, my only worry is that we may end up paying for the end of the single player that should have been already been included in the game. I will be unbelievably piss if this turns out to be true. Stay tuned.

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