Trine 2 Delayed Til’ Summer – Trailer Shows Off New Physics, Great Graphics

Trine 2 is a 2-D action game that also has platforming, puzzles, beautiful graphics, and the setting is one of fantasy. Slap on a 2 or 3-player cooperative mode and you have one pretty unique game. In the original Trine players could control a wizard, knight, and rogue-like character who all had different abilities that had to be utilized to get through various obstacles. Trine 2 is already looking a lot better than the original in both graphics and gameplay. It will be appearing in Summer for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Here’s the new trailer titled: “Alluring Adventure”. Check out those cool water physics. I hope they keep the puzzles interesting. There’s nothing worse than having to “solve” the same puzzle over and over again.


Even though it's a download game, Trine 2 sure isn't lacking in presentation

Here’s some intro gameplay for the Thief character:


Source: Machinima
Via: Joystiq

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