AT&T Acquires T-Mobile USA


As if the lackluster service at T-Mobile wasn’t hint enough of a downhill slump, T-Mobile has announced that it is being purchased by telecom giant AT&T.  AT&T is the second largest wireless telecom service behind Verizon with over 95 million customers. After the acquisition, AT&T will shoot past Verizon’s 100 million. The “Now Network” will soon be the “Yesterday Network.”

Many of us may remember when AT&T acquired Cingular back in 2006. Cingular customers began paying their bills to AT&T Orange until AT&T finally wised up and combined their AT&T Blue customers to a single unified AT&T Wireless. At the moment, there are no AT&T “Magenta” plans, but the acquisition must still pass through antitrust regulators. AT&T promises to expand and upgrade its 4G service as a result of this acquisition.


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