Things Are Stilll Not Looking Good for ‘Homefront’ with Faulty Patches

So Kaos Studios is indeed in Kaos because of a new patch for Homefront was released. It was suppose to fix freezes and issues with the PS3 version, but is fixing some players levels, in a bad way.

These are just some of the comments from around the net.

“As stated already.. I too have lost my rank (PS3). I was rank 24 and i played a game and noticed i was back to 2.”

“I lost lvls by the time I get someone to fix them I will be back to where I was. *sighs*.”

“Ok soooooo i never had problems b4 the first patch came out and now i froze like 7-10 time now most in-game.”

“its past 20:00 est and still freezing, lot of lag, nojoining with friend, and stats still screwed up. this is very disappointing. i hope u guys get this resolved, i have faith in u.”

“This is just annoying. So much hype into this game and all it is, is a complete fail. The only reason most of us are playing this online is because the damn campaign was to short. Now we can’t even play online because there are nothing but freezing issues. I didn’t even really experience them untill todays new update.”

How does your Homefront fare?

Source: TVG

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