NBC’s Wonder Woman to Wear Updated Outfit?

So word has it that David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman will be wearing the new updated oufit in the recent comics, according to WonderWomanTV. The outfit was created by artist Jim Lee and premiered in Wonder Woman #600.

The new outfit has her wearing black tight pants and red tight superhero tank top with leather jacket. I love the classic design, but the new design would be practical and less risque for primetime NBC viewing. Nothing is official yet from NBC.

The new Wonder Woman TV show will have Diane Prince an owner of her own company with Cary Elwes as her CEO. She’ll be fighting crime in the fictional city of Los Angeles, CA. Whoops, I mean real city, since you know DC uses real cities like Metropolis and Gotham City. Let’s just hope it’s not Ally McBeal meets Superheroes.

Source: WonderWomanTV

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