“Fez” Has World-Flippin’ Gameplay – Two PAX East Videos

Get ready for a flippin’ good time. Well, maybe not if puzzles aren’t your thing. This game looks like it gets quite difficult. Fez has a couple of new videos first released during PAX East. Fez is a puzzle-platformer, but the emphasis definitely seems to be on the puzzles. The game’s world is always in 2-D, and the worlds have four sides to them. Players must rotate the world to the left and/or right to progress, but later levels look like they’re going to punish you for not thinking beforehand; you won’t be able to just flip without thinking to solve the puzzles.

Fez will be available on Xbox Live in 2011 and is being developed by Polytron Corporation.

The first one is a trailer, and gives a good idea of the insane puzzles you’ll be facing:



This second one shows more active gameplay, but it’s from the beginning of the game, so the puzzles are very simple compared to that first video:


Source: Joystiq

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