Homefront Multiplayer Servers Fail to Meet Online Demands

While the game has been receiving rave reviews in the media, there have been some major technical difficulties with the online multiplayer. On the day of the launch, many fans experienced problems signing on to the mutliplayer. Some had to wait as late as midnight to get in a match. Kaos Studio issued a statement via the game’s official Facebook:

The demand for the servers has outstripped our expectations – so although we’re thrilled that Homefront is proving to be so popular, we’re doing all we can to bring more servers online to cope with this demand ASAP.

Even on the following day, many gamers were still having issues with the multiplayer.  Today, Kaos Studios issued another statement saying they will double their dedicated server capacity.

We are configuring more servers right now for all formats, across the globe, in order to meet demand. We have already doubled our capacity in the past 24 hours, and we are continuing to bring even more servers online over the next few days.

Kaos Studios suggest if you’re still having trouble logging on, try Skirmish.

Our ‘Skirmish’ playlists are capped at a lower player count (16 max) which means they do not require a dedicated server. Our peer-to-peer networking code runs great, and the performance will be similar to what you’d expect from any FPS with a solid peer-to-peer infrastructure, like the Halo series. You will certainly be able to get a queue-free taste of the full Homefront experience, until our dedicated server capacity is high enough to support demand.

Koas Studios cites that they had greatly underestimated how well Homefront would do in sales. They had some projection from the pre-orders and they even boosted their servers a bit more just to be safe side. The studio was just truly not ready for how well the title was going to be received.

Homefront has sold faster than we expected (which we are thrilled about) and more users are spending more time trying to access multiplayer (which we are also thrilled about). The thing we are not thrilled about is the fact that some gamers are currently having to wait for a match, for which we can only apologise.

Rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to cope with the extraordinary demand for servers, and thank you for your continued patience and support.

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