Hans Zimmer to Help Score Crysis 2

So Hans Zimmer, composer extraordinaire, is helping compose the score for Crysis 2. You can hear his score when playing the multiplayer online demo available now, or by getting the game on March 22, 2011.

The soundtrack is available on iTunes and Amazon on March 22nd. If you can’t wait, you can listen to a sample at http://soundcloud.com/nettwerkmusicgroup/hans-zimmer-crysis-2-intro.

Hans Zimmer on why he joined Crysis 2:

“I was drawn to Crysis 2 because of Crytek’s passion for the project and the world they created,” said Hans Zimmer. “And I am very happy with the outcome of our collaboration.”

If you pre-order Crysis 2 now, you’ll get a free upgrade to the limited edition at no extra cost.

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