Dragon Age 2 Developer Caught Giving Positive Reviews on Metacritic

So a guy has uncovered that a BioWare engineer has been posting up a positive review for Dragon Age II on Metacritic with the name Avanost. He linked that name to a Plurk account that revealed a name. That name he finds out is linked to BioWare engineer, Christopher Hoban.

Wow, now I was interested in playing Dragon Age II, but this practice doesn’t sit too well for me. Another thing that doesn’t sit too well for me are users trolling the user review section by giving it really low scores. I can understand negative reviews, but to give it a score of 0 without reason is beyond absurd. So what do you guys think? Maybe it’s true that most of the fans are disappointed.

Well one thing for sure is that EA isn’t looking good with fans bitching and BioWare employees giving reviews on sites. Having said all this, I will still play the game since I enjoyed the demo.

Source: Reddit

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