DLC Review: Severed Brings Dead Space Fans a New Chapter

Adding to the much acclaimed Dead Space 2 is the new DLC Severed. This DLC dares fans to climb back aboard the haunted corridors of the Sprawl in a new campaign that doesn’t feature Issac Clarke. In this new chapter you play Gabe Weller, a character that gamers who played Dead Space: Extraction will remember quite well.

Gabe Weller was actually the first to survive the events of the Ishimura outbreak before Issac Clarke. He is joined by Lexine Murdoch, another survivor who he helped rescue from the events of Dead Space: Extraction. They were eventually married and are now expecting their first child.

In Severed, Gabe desperately tries to reunite with his pregnant wife to get her safety but the church of Unitology has other plans. Not only does deadly Necromorphs stand in his way, but so do some of the people who he thought he could trust. Will Gabe make it to his wife in time?! Stay tune!

The games starts off in the thick of the spread of the infection on Sprawl. Having not played Dead Space: Extraction, I had no idea who the hell Gabe Weller was before doing some research. You start off pretty well set with your equipment. Your Pulse Rifle already has a couple power nodes in it and so does your suit. Fans of the series will notice the return of the Twitchers, a class of Necromorphs that was missing from Dead Space 2. Throughout Severed, you will find yourself coming across familiar landscape and Necromorphs you’ve faced before.

One thing that really seems to be missing from Severed is the awe inspiring in-game cinematics that made Dead Space 2 so amazing. You just kind of just mow down enemies and progress. There are a lot of resources at your disposal, so ammo is not as scarce and it doesn’t reinforce the feeling that every shot counts.

The biggest detriment to this DLC is how short is it. It took me less than an hour and a half to beat the campaign that was only two chapters long. The ending is definitely heart wrenching but too many cons drag this expansion down.

Having been such a huge fan of this series it is really sad to see the poor execution on this first DLC. In my review for Dead Space 2, I gave the game an A+. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t live up to expectations of Dead Space and Visceral Games. For $7 bucks, this hour and a half of gameplay is not worth it unless you’re really itching to kill some Necromorphs.

Grade: D

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