Homefront Launch Trailer – Defend America From North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong-Un, is the leader of North Korea in this fictional story from Homefront. North Korea invades, and with how crazy North Korea is, I’m sure many of us can gather enough motivation to care about Homefront’s plot to want to kick Kim Jong-Un right out of America.

It’s really too bad the game will be filled with North Korea’s brainwashed/subjugated citizens, since it’s really only the leadership that needs to be taken down. I wonder if the game addresses that?

Homefront comes out on March 15th for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Check out this action-packed trailer. Kick Kim Jong-Un out fur’merica:


Here’s a video showing how North Koreans are treated. Probably when they act up and start using their minds. It’s too bad Homefront isn’t just a game about an assassin who takes out the leaders of North Korea, since the poor citizens don’t have a will of their own:


Here’s a video showing the brainwashed children of North Korea prancing around. Sure it’s a great display of talent, but I can’t enjoy something like this that was made via force by a dictator.


And really, what good country locks up their citizens and doesn’t allow them to leave? If North Korea is so great, then why do they have to prevent people from leaving?

Source: NextGameHa

Via: Joystiq

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