Rochard is Like a 2-D Half Life 2 with some Team Fortress Flavoring

For those of you who wished Half Life 2 and Team Fortress could somehow make a 2-D baby, well, your wish was granted. Rochard is a platforming game with puzzle and action elements thrown in. The game has an art style similar to Team Fortress, and the main character, John Rochard, uses a gravity gun similar to the one seen in Half Life 2. I think it’s safe to say that Recoil Games are fans of Valve.

The actual gameplay takes place on a 2-D plane, and is somewhat reminiscent of Xbox Live game Shadow Complex. Despite most of the game’s elements seeming to be from other games, don’t let that fool you into thinking this game doesn’t have its own uniqueness. The game is mostly about using the gravity gun to manipulate objects for physics-based puzzles, or attacking in combat, and creating portable cover from incoming projectiles.

One of the unique features in the game is that Rochard will be able to change the gravity in certain areas, possibly allowing for higher jumping abilities, among other things. There will also be force fields for Rochard to contend with: Blue fields will allow Rochard to pass through them, but not objects. Red fields will allow objects to pass through them, but not Rochard. Yellow fields will block both projectiles and explosions, and white fields won’t allow anything to pass through them. With all of these fields, you can bet there will be some devious puzzles to solve.

Rochard will be available in early to mid 2011 exclusively on Playstation 3 as a downloadable title.

The debut trailer for Rochard:


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