Silent Hill: Revelation Sequel Films Today in Toronto

The Silent Hill movie is one of those rare video game movies that was pretty accurate in tone and concept of the Silent Hill universe. The thing that disappointed me was the pacing and the last third of the movie.

Now we have Silent Hill 2, or Revelation 3D, starting principal photography today in Toronto, Canada. The movie is being directed by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane) and produced by Don Carmody (Resident Evil). Yeah, let’s hope this is nothing like the Resident Evil series.

Silent Hill: Revelation follows the story of the third Silent Hill game, Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason (spoiler much?) has been getting nightmares that would then lead her into the town of Silent Hill and the mystery of her father’s disappearance.

The story for Revelation is pretty accurate to the game, but the movie will have continuity issues if it’s following the first movie. Here’s a spoiler if you haven’t played the games. Part 1 stars Harry Mason looking for his daughter, Cheryl, and part 3 stars Heather looking for her father. We later find out in the game that Heather is actually the daughter of Harry. He changed her name and both of them went into hiding to hide her from the evil cult because she is the one that can bring hell on Earth.

The fact that her last name in the movie is Mason is a giveaway, if you’re following video game continuity. The first movie has the female mother, Rachel, looking for her daughter, Cheryl, so it’ll be interesting to see if Revelation will have Heather being the orphaned child that’s needed to bring back hell on Earth.


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