Iron Man 3 Needs No Help from Other Marvel Heroes, Will Be Like Tom Clancy Thriller

A reader from Ain’t It Cool attended a panel with Shane Black, the new director for Iron Man 3. He was a featured panelist at the Omaha Film Festival where he talked about his life, his screenwriting process, and his thoughts on his films throughout the years. But of course, it’s all about Iron Man 3 and what he’s going to bring to the table.

He will be meeting up with Robert Downey Jr. soon when he goes back to Los Angeles. Robert Downey Jr. will be assisting with the story Shane is writing. He also mentioned about the studios disappointment with the direction Iron Man 2 took, with the whole Tony vs. James angle that seemed very childish with two grown men at a party fighting in armored suits.

Shane says that the third will be like a Tom-Clancy thriller, with real-world villains.

Iron Man 3 will be after The Avengers and will not have any cameos from other Marvel heroes. All the heroes forming together will only be seen in The Avengers, and everything after will be their own self-contained movie focusing on the single hero.

Well that’s great and all, but I hope they have Iron Man face the Mandarin. That’d be a good villain for Tony to face if they’re taking the Tom-Clancy thriller route. Nothing says international danger like taking down a power-hungry Chinese who likes to collect pretty-looking rings.

Source: Ain’t It Cool

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