Unreal Engine 3 Update Trailer Brings Sci-Fi World to Life

While this trailer is simply to showcase the graphical updates to the Unreal Engine 3, it’s worth watching. The setting is an urban Sci-Fi area, and there’s a shape-shifter and a giant mech to be seen. With all the work that’s gone into this trailer, it makes me wonder if this is a project Epic Games has thought about, or is currently thinking about for an actual game. Would you guys want to play a game like this?

For the graphics nerds out there, you can keep an eye out for: depth of field, dynamic reflection shadows, multi-sample anti-aliasing, shadowed point light reflections, and sub-surface scattering. Did you get all of that? You can check out Joystiq’s earlier post that contains the pictures with said effects.

If you’re really interested in Unreal Engine 3, you can check out its Wikipedia article here.

Source: Joystiq

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